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Welcome to Spiritual Pathwork

Serena LaSol, Master Practitioner of Healing Key Way

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Hello, I am Serena. I currently work as a Healing Key Way Master Practitioner and am an ordained minister. I've studied many other modalities in the healing field including Spiritual Healing, Aromatherapy, Meditation, and Reiki. When I'm not working I can be found walking on the beach, doing yoga, or singing. I reside in Scotland with my family and very adorable kitty. 

Healing Key Way is a system designed to assist an individual on their spiritual journey and path to self awareness. It is for those who wish to evolve by solving their personal issues. A client will develop a focused intention for change and this intention is the foundation of the work. Healing Key Way can help to raise your vibration, and as we transform we affect the collective consciousness of the whole.

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