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My spiritual journey began as a child when I played outside in the garden with the fairies. By the age of ten I was describing God as energy that is part of everything and is all around us. I spent my eighteenth birthday in Sheffield football stadium watching Billy Graham. I was very moved by the experience and became intrigued by the different types of beliefs and views of spirituality there were in the world. So, I joined MAP (Manchester Association of Parapsychology) which allowed me to explore many things including dowsing, ley lines, and the overall world of metaphysics and psychic phenomena. I took up Chi Gong classes and attended meetings led by a medium who channeled spirit guides. I then got involved in Siddha Yoga, which was led by Gurumayi Chidvilasananda. I started doing yoga and learnt to meditate and had my first kundalini experiences there. I then attended the Ramtha school in the USA, where students learn about how consciousness and energy creates the nature of reality. We learnt to focus, create, meditate, and manifest. I then reconnected with the fairy realm which was a great joy to me. I started writing songs, singing, dancing with the fairies, and hosting many fairy parties. 

In 2007 I took a part time job working for Dr Elizabeth Hesse, a chiropractor and nutritionist, and I learnt a lot about health, nutrition, and detoxing the body. She introduced me to Bill Phipps, the co-founder of Healing Key Way. I began working with him at a time in my life when I needed some support moving forward on my spiritual journey. By the end of my first intention, I knew that this was the work I was meant to do. In addition to hands on healing, I’d always had a feeling that at some point I would expand my healing practice with a form of healing work that involved meaningful dialogue. Healing Key Way was a natural progression for me, as it was a synthesis of things I had learnt over the years along with new exciting techniques and a system that promotes actual change. Healing Key Way does this by getting to the root of the matter and in this way, it changed my life. I continue to do sessions for myself on a regular basis so that I can keep evolving and I’m grateful that I may now facilitate others on their spiritual paths.

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