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Sessions are scheduled ahead and take place by Whatsapp (call or video) or Zoom. The practitioner and client are in a unified energetic field during the session, so physical proximity is not important.

I charge £80 per session (which may be anywhere from 50 - 80 minutes). If a session goes longer than 80 minutes it is £1.50 per minute. This fee is due at the time of service via Credit Card. 

If the need arises for an unscheduled emergency call, I charge a flat fee of £2 per minute for this service.

I keep my fee reasonable. If you feel moved to tip, it is greatfully appreciated.


It is recommended that clients schedule appointments ahead so that the appointment is guaranteed. The most common plan being every 2 weeks. Sometimes clients like more sessions if they are going through a lot, or less depending on their calendar and budget. However, it is highly recommended that clients wait no longer than four weeks in between sessions.

My cancellation policy is as follows: Since my schedule is booked well in advance and I often have a waiting list, it is important that I can fill the spot of a cancelled session with someone who needs an appointment sooner than my schedule allows. For this reason, no-shows and cancelled sessions without at least 24 hours notice will be charged for a regular session (with exceptions for emergencies or if I fill the spot with another client). 


The in-person fee is £170 for up to one and a half hours and £2 per minute beyond that time. There is also a travel fee which will be determined when we schedule. For a remote clearing the fee is £95 for up to 80 minutes of time, and $1.50 per minute beyond that. The fee is due at time of service by credit card.

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The work I do is Spiritual Pathwork and I work as an Ordained Minister, not as a registered or licensed mental health counselor. There is neither a need for nor do I claim to diagnose, counsel, treat or cure any mental or physical disorder, symptom of disease, or illness. If you desire to treat or resolve physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral problems, please seek the help of a licensed medical practitioner, medical specialist, psychiatrist, psychologist, mental health professional, or counselor.

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