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Healing Key Way Session Testimonials


"I have known Serena LaSol for quite a few years, however it wasn't until I called her for a clearing that I truly saw her remarkable talent and generous spirit emerge! I am a Medical Intuitive healer/author and teacher and have read energy for thousands over the years, which makes me very sure about those that I let work with me! After my first session with Serena, it was divinely clear to me that she was the one I had been seeking out my whole life! Serena is real, she is humble, and she is clear with hearing spirit and listening in order to help better people on their journey. Mine was a clearing that was waiting for me to witness, which I do not think I could have done without her. We get used to patterns, even emotionally, and Serena's style of healing work opens you to the freedom you have always known was there, but somehow didn't know how to achieve!! I can not speak highly enough about her, her genuine spirit of love and compassion, her caring and wise ways, but mostly the knowledge when it comes time to work with the higher realms! She is truly a gift, and I will always have her in my life...even when you think you have cleared everything, the discoveries just keep getting better!"

-Mona Delfino, Bend, OR USA


"Serena LaSol is not only a gifted healer she is one of the sweetest kindest souls I have had a pleasure to connect with. She has guided me in several ways through my journey on earth. From teaching me to release things that no longer serve me to removing spirits from my home to bringing awareness to trust my own spiritual gifts. I have benefited greatly by her Healing Key Way sessions and house clearings. I love sharing my connection to Serena with my clients and loved ones. Anyone I have referred to her has had life changing experiences. Thank you Serena for bringing light into my life and teaching me to embrace this temporary life on earth to its fullest. Everyone needs to surround themselves with beautiful souls like Serena."


-Nichole Andreasen, Liberty Lake, WA USA


"The Pathwork Serena offers has literally been a miracle in my life. The work, itself, is a profound platform to map what is going on beyond our conscious minds, accept what is valuable and permanently shed what is not. I am SO much clearer, higher frequency, enlightened about myself and my purpose! And Serena….she is the perfect facilitator and guide for me! Always wise and calming in the midst of truly amazing reveals. Her gentle nudges are as powerful as her verbal guidance, and she always seems to know what’s going on in me and where to take it."

-Trinity Shea Thomas, Boulder, CO USA


"What you have been doing for me is absolutely remarkable. There is no way I can ever repay you for what you've helped me through as well as what you've helped me regain. It's absolutely indescribable what has happened to me. I appreciate you more than words allow. Namaste."

- Margaret Gardner, Spokane, WA USA


"I have been working with Serena for a number of years now, first through a life crisis, and then continuing  as a means of personal growth.  She has helped me in ways that I could never have imagined possible.  Her gentle approach and obvious gifts of healing are truly amazing and I deeply treasure them.  Things have unfolded in my life in such a wonderful way with her guidance and support through Healing Key Way.  I am forever grateful!"

- T.D., Spokane Valley, WA USA


"When I started my sessions with Serena, I immediately felt safe.  Serena’s support has been heartfelt, warm and has helped me mentally and physically.  My personal growth from where I was during my first appointment, to where I am now, is so exciting.  I honestly didn’t think I would be where I am today.  I am continuing to work with Serena and know she is truly a blessing in my life."

- Nancy C., Boise, ID USA


"The shifts I feel are palpable in a way I have never experience before in this life.  After each Healing QA session with Serena, I have been brought closer to myself in a way that is noticeably lasting and tangible throughout all aspects of my life.  I no longer see, do or react to life’s experiences in an outdated, conditioned way.  I am clearly more in touch with a higher frequency that supports me in accessing the voice and wisdom of my True Self to help guide me every step of the way. Serena’s clarity and organization in her direction of each session provides a deep sense of trust and support for a lasting outcome.  Thank you, Serena! Your careful and skillful stewardship of this work has helped me shift the course of my life to a higher frequency through all time! Past, Present and Future!"

-Ava Adams, Tusan, AZ USA


"I’ve always been interested in world healing approaches, including the Western clinical perspective on health and wellness. Healing Key Way truly brings together each approach and no question is left unanswered. Serena’s guidance is gentle and digestible. Each session will shrink seemingly insurmountable glaciers into snow globes you may later turn on or off at your discretion. As a fan of detective stories and puzzling video games, HKW keeps the right amount of intrigue while offering twice the amount of healing and relief from one session to the next."

- J.B., San Francisco, CA USA


"I found Serena and her work at a time in my life where I felt very disconnected spiritually. I went in with an open mind and noticed a very significant difference after my first session. She has helped me work through some very difficult situations with the Healing Key Way system. I had no idea a program like this was out there, but it was just what my soul needed. I hope to continue my spiritual pathwork with Serena for a very long time as this has now become a therapeutic necessity!  I cannot express enough my gratitude for you and all you have done for me!"

- D. M., Spokane Valley, WA USA


"I have never had such life changing results than with Healing Key Way with Serena. She has helped lighten the load that my spirit has been carrying for way too long. I was raised with a deeply religious upbringing so entertaining this type of therapy was different. I was raised to believe something like this is “evil” or not “real”. It is real. I have accomplished with Serena what I could not accomplish in over 20 years of traditional therapy in months! If you consider yourself an empathic person Serena can help you clear away the noise. Serena is a very grounding energy to be around. She is so calm and light that you can relax and be open to get the spiritual healing you may need. I hope if you are considering using Serena that you will, you will not regret it. She has changed my and my family's lives forever. Thank you for your service to humanity Serena, bless you." 

- Andrea E., Albuquerque, NM USA


"The journey within is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Those who know where the lamp post is and how to teach you to turn them on cannot be measured by anything but pure love. Thank you Serena."

- C. V., Lewiston, ID USA


"You are a very special person who can really reach out and touch people, help people, be their strength when they need it. Your positive attitude comes across the phone and is so comforting. I cannot thank you enough for your help and being there like a beacon of hope. With much love!"

- K. K., Richland, WA USA


"I have been working with Serena since July 2019. In this time I have experienced tremendous spiritual growth and have discovered it is safe to release a great deal of past trauma.  
Serena and the Healing Key Way have empowered me to find and accept self love.  I'm blessed and so thankful that she has guided me through this mind and soul journey."

- Becky T., Spokane Valley, WA USA


"Healing Key Way sessions are always the most exciting part of my week, because I know I will come away having changed or further understood myself and the world around me. Over the past twelve years, the results of my sessions have never failed to be utterly remarkable. I truly wouldn’t be the person I am today without Serena’s help and this wonderful system of healing. Healing Key Way has changed me for the better, allowing me to overcome the many fears I had as a child and helping me to become a more confident, compassionate, and happier version of myself. It is such a gift in my life and I am so thankful to Serena for everything she does for me."


- R. L., Lossiemouth, Scotland UK


"Every time I have a session I notice something changes - a shift. Sometimes it's very subtle and sometimes it's a Wow. There hasn't been a session yet that there hasn't been something I'll notice. One major issue I've been trying to heal from for 18 years, and had counseling for, is now finally resolved due to The Healing Key Way. I've grown such a lot since I've been working with Serena."

- S. S., Spokane, WA USA


"I am stopping right now to express my gratitude to you and all you do for people. I admire your work beyond measure and you have helped me clear some much needed energy lingering in me for no good! I have space for new, healthy, productive energy because of what you've awakened in me. My sincerest wishes and thanks."

- L. G., Spokane, WA USA


"Serena helped with several areas, but the most powerful was helping me clear a heavy load I had been unintentionally carrying around since my Father's death in 2010. I had no idea where it was coming from; I just knew something was off. This negative energy was draining me; as explained, I was not only carrying my load, e.g., worries, stress, etc. but his too. My Father was a protector, and because I couldn't let go, he couldn't either and stayed around to take care of me; because of this, my Father was not at peace. Finding this out broke my heart and warmed it at the same time, knowing how protective my Father was - it all made perfect sense. In such a peaceful way, Serena helped me to let go, which in turn set my Dad free. I now know he is at peace because I feel that peace when I think of him, which has not been the case since His death. There are no words big enough that can express how grateful I truly am."

- Linda Fields, Spokane, WA USA


"Healing Key Way is an amazing program. Not only does it help you look deep into your life and circumstances to work through hardships and process your life, but you can really feel you aren't the only one working through it. It opens this expansive place where everything falls together and makes sense."

- K. M., Spokane, WA USA

House Clearing Testimonials


"One could say ‘everything is connected, we are all one.’ After my experience with Serena and Charles I can certainly say I have never believed this to be more true. I was introduced to them at a very vulnerable time in my life, where tons of uncertainty was arising in my thoughts on a day-to-day basis. I had contacted them for a house cleansing but got so much more out of the session. They have such a warm and inviting presence about them it is almost impossible not to feel completely comfortable and at 'home'. We were able to successfully cleanse the negative energy out of our newly purchased house -  man what an experience. It was so intimate, you could feel the energy that filled the sacred space they created doing its magical work. I loved how I was included in the entire process and everything that was taking place was explained to me in depth. I had so many questions, not only about the house but also about my personal wellbeing and my experience here in the physical world. When they left after our session had ended I felt so light, so content, so full of insight and confidence. I not only gained an amazing clean space to call home but I honestly felt like I gained new family - felt like I had known them for years. I cannot wait to do more work with Serena and Charles to expand and learn more how to utilize my gifts."

- Denise LaFaunce, Spokane, WA USA


"Good Day,

I just wanted to give you a update on our house now that it has been cleansed. The first thing was the Little E Will go into her Moms room with the light off which she would never do before. The second is that M now wants to stay. From the first night we moved in M started saying she did not want to stay long in this house, which was strange because when she looked at buying the house, she was saying she could stay in the house for a long long time. It took her about 4 days to notice that her attitude about that house had changed & now she is back to wanting to stay. Thank you for your work."

- O., Spokane, WA USA


"To Serena,

This note is of appreciation and gratitude for coming to the house to spiritually cleanse. I've lived 7 years in this rental, it's never felt like a home. In these last 7 years I've felt tired, haven't been able to sleep for more than 2-3 hours at night and in general felt drained of energy.

Since cleansing this house, I've been able to sleep normally, I have more energy, my dogs are happier, calmer girls. It's easier to want to keep the house clean and organized, I'm not totally done but have made a lot of progress. I've also noticed that there are more neighbors who wave, stop to talk, in general more friendly. In the entire time I've lived here I have had only one neighbor who I 've been able to make friends with. So now the yard and house are able to welcome more experiences to what is now finally becoming a home."

- T. G., Couer D'Alene, ID USA

Spiritual Healing Testimonials


"I have received many treatments from Serena over the years from amazing massages and Reiki, to experiencing incredible results from her Healing Key Way sessions. She is very intuitive and senses what you need to help heal either from physical or emotional pain. I can’t explain how it works and don’t care as it just does. She knew when I was ready to heal after the death of my brother and sister and I can honestly say I was stunned how I felt afterwards. I still miss them but the pain disappeared after just one session. I can remember them with fondness as opposed to sadness. So whatever the problem is I won’t hesitate to have Serena work her magic when I need it."

- Jane Eyre, Skipton, England UK


"Serena is a wonderful spiritual mentor. I have been having healing sessions from her for over twenty years including hot stone massages, Reiki, chakra balancing, and sound healing. When she moved to Scotland we started doing the sessions remotely and I noticed no difference in time and space - it's like she is here in person. It makes a huge difference in my energy levels."

- Vonnie, Spokane, WA USA

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